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Faculty Scholarship - Z

Zaitchik, Matt

Gamache, K., J. Platania and M.C. Zaitchik. 2015. "An Examination of the Individual and Contextual Characteristics Associated with Active Shooter Events." Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology 7: 1-20.  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Gamache, K.,  J. Platania and M.C. Zaitchik. 2013. "Evaluating Future Dangerousness and Need for Treatment: The Roles of Expert Testimony, Attributional Complexity, and Victim Type." Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology 5: 53-80.  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Zaitchik, M. C., F. DiCataldo, and L. Condie. 2011. "Expert Opinion: Questions about the Construct of Empathy in the Treatment of Adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System." American Psychology-Law News 31: (1).  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

DiCataldo, F., M. C. Zaitchik, and K. Provencher. 2009. "Youth Violence: Prevalence, Etiology, and Treatment." In Treatment and Evaluation in Forensic mental health Practice, edited by Andrade, Joel T. New York: Springer Publishing.

Grudzinskas, A.J., D. J. Brodsky, M.C. Zaitchik, F. DiCataldo, and P. Federoff.  2009. "Sexual Predator Laws and their History." In Sex Offenders: Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues, edited by Saleh, F. M., A. J. Grudzinskas, J. M. Bradford and D. J. Brodsky. New York: Oxford University Press.

Zaitchik, Matt C. 2008. "Automatism." In Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law, edited by Cutler, B. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Zaitchik, M. C. and T. H. Barese. 2008. "Personality Disorders." In Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law, edited by Cutler, B. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Zaitchik, M. C., G. L. Berman, D. Whitworth, and J. Platania. 2007. "The Time is Now: The Emerging Need for master’s-Level Training in Forensic Psychology." Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 7 (2): 65. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

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