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Faculty Scholarship - C

Campbell, Jeremy

Campbell, Jeremy M. 2013. "Review of Instituting Nature: Authority, Expertise, and Power in Mexican Forests by Andrew S. Mathews." Political and Legal Anthropology Review 36 (1).

Campbell, Jeremy M. 2012. "Between the Material and the Figural Road: The Incompleteness of Colonial Geographies in Amazonia." Mobilities 7 (4): 481-500.

Campbell, Jeremy M. 2012. "Brazil's Deferred Highway: Mobility, Development, and Anticipating the State in Amazonia." Boletin De Anthropologia 27 (44): 102-126.

Campbell, Jeremy M. 2012. "Review of Storytelling Globalization: From the Chaco and Beyond by Mario Blaser." American Anthropologist 114 (3): 547-548.

Canestrari, Alan

Canestrari, Alan and Ann G. Winfield.  2013. "Beware Reformers Bearing Gifts: How the Right Uses the Language of Social Justice to Reinforce Inequity." In Becoming and being a Teacher, edited by Thomas, P. L. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.

Canestrari, Alan and Bruce A. Marlowe. 2013.  Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings. 3rd Edition ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Carrington, Charlotte

Carrington, Charlotte.  2013.  "Thomas Morton." In Atlantic Biographies: Individuals and Peoples in the Atlantic World, edited by effrey A. Fortin, and Mark Meuwese. Boston: Brill.

Colin, Sean

Lucas, K.N., *N. Johnson, W.T. Beaulieu, *E. Cathcart, *G. Tirrell, S.P. Colin, B.J. Gemmell, J.O. Dabiri, J.H. Costello. 2014. "Bending rules." Nature Communication.  in press. (*undergraduate Students)

Lucas, K., Sean P. Colin, J.H. Costello, K. Katija, E. Klos.  2013. "Fluid Interactions That Enable Stealth Predation by the Upstream-Foraging Hydromeducsa Craspedacusta Sowerbyi."  The Biological Bulletin 225: 60-70.

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Santhanakrishnan, Arvind, Makani Dollinger, Christina L. Hamlet, Sean P. Colin and Laura A. Miller. 2012. "Flow Structure and Transport Characteristics of Feeding and Exchange Currents Generated by Upside-Down Cassiopea Jellyfish." Journal of Experimental Biology 215 (14): 2369-2381.

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Katija, Kakani, Sean P. Colin, John H. Costello, John O. Dabiri. 2011. "Quantitatively Measuring in Situ Flows Using a Self-Contained Underwater Velocimetry Apparatus (SCUVA)."  Journal of Visualized Experiments 56: e2615.

Kiørboe, Thomas, Houshuo, Jiang, H. and Sean P. Colin. 2010. "Danger of Zooplankton Feeding: The Fluid Signal Generated by Ambush-Feeding Copepods." Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277(1698): 3229-3237.

Nawroth, J.C., K.E. Feitl, S.P. Colin, J.H. Costello, J.O. Dabiri.  2010. "Phenotypic Plasticity in Juvenile Jellyfish Medusae Facilitates Effective Animal-Fluid Interaction." Biology Letters 6 (3): 383-393.

Colin, Sean P., J.H. Costello, L.J. Hansson, J. Titelman, and J.O. Dabiri. 2010. "Stealth Predation and the Predatory Success of the Invasive Ctenophore Mnemiopsis Leidyi." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107, (40): 17223-17227.

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Cottle, Jacquline

Miles, Katherine S. and Jacquline L. Cottle. 2011. "Beyond Plain Language: A Learner-Centered Approach to Pattern Jury Instructions." Technical Communication Quarterly 20 (1): 92-112.

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McGlynn, R.P., D.J. Harding, and Jacquline L. Cottle. 2009. "Individual-Group Discontinuity in Group-Individual Interactions: Does Size Matter?"  Group Processes and Intergroup Relations 1: 129-143.



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