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Faculty Scholarship - B

Berman, Garrett

Paiva, Melissa, Garrett L. Berman, Brian L. Cutler, Judith Platania, and Ryan Weipert. 2011. "Influence of confidence inflation and explanations for changes in confidence on evaluations of eyewitness identification accuracy.  Legal and Criminological Psychology 16 (2): 266-276.

Hall, Terese A., Nathan E. Cook and Garrett L. Berman. 2010.  "Navigating the expanding field of law and psychology: A comprehensive guide to graduate education." Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 10 (2): 69-90. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Berman, Garrett and Judith Platania. 2007. "Deliberating the benefits of learning through focus groups." American Psychology Law Society News 27 (3): 12-14.  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Zaitchik, Matt C., Garrett L. Berman, Don Whitworth, and Judith Platania. 2007. "The time is now: The emerging need for master's-level training in forensic psychology." Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 7 (2): 65-71. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Brooks, Kelly

Reisen, Carol A., Kelly D. Brooks, Maria Cecilia Zea, Paul J. Poppen, and Fernanda T. Bianchi. 2013. "Can additive measures add to an intersectional understanding? experiences of gay and ethnic discrimination among HIV-positive Latino gay men." Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 19: 208-217.

Bianchi, Fernanda T., Michele G. Shedlin, Kelly D. Brooks, Marcelo Montes Penha, Carol A. Reisen, Maria Cecilia Zea, and Paul J. Poppen. 2010. "Partner selection among Latino immigrant men who have sex with men." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39: 1321-1330.

Henderson-King, Donna and Kelly D. Brooks. 2009. "Materialism, sociocultural appearance messages, and paternal attitudes predict college women's attitudes about cosmetic surgery." Psychology of Women Quarterly 33: 133-142.

Brooks, Kelly D., Lisa Bowleg, and Kathryn Quina. 2009. "Minority sexual status among minorities." In Sexualities and identities of minority women, edited by Loue, Sana, 41-63. New York: Springer.

Brooks, Kelly D. and Kathryn Quina. 2009. "Women's sexual identity patterns: differences among lesbians, bisexuals, and unlabeled women." Journal of Homosexuality 56: 1030-1045.

Bowleg, Lisa, Kelly D. Brooks, and Susan Faye Ritz. 2008. 'Bringing home more than a paycheck': An exploratory analysis of black lesbians' experiences of stress and coping in the workplace." Journal of Lesbian Studies 12: 69-84.

Byrne, Loren

Possinger, A.*, L.B. Byrne, N. Breen. 2013. "Effect of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) on soil phosphorus availability and organic acids." Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 176: 16-18.  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B. 2013. "An in-class role-playing activity to foster discussion and deeper understanding of biodiversity and ecological webs." EcoEd Digital Library. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B. 2012. "Complexity in Conservation: The Legal and Ethical Case of a Bird-Eating Cat and its Human Killer." Online Resource with the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Pavao-Zuckerman, M.A., L.B. Byrne. 2009. "Scratching the surface and digging deeper: Exploring ecological theories in urban soils." Urban Ecosystems 12: 9-20. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B., M.A. Bruns, K.C. Kim. 2008. "Ecosystem properties of urban land covers at the aboveground-belowground interface." Ecosystems 11: 1065-1077. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B. 2008. "Issue introduction - Ecological landscaping: From scientific principles to public practices and policies." Cities and the Environment 1(2): article 2, 3 pp. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B., P. Grewal. 2008. "Introduction to Ecological Landscaping: A holistic description and framework to guide the study and management of urban landscape parcels." Cities and the Environment 1(2): article 3, 20 pp. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Baker, L., A. Brazel, L. Byrne, A. Felson, M. Grove, K. Hill, K.C. Nelson, J. Walker, V. Shandas. 2007. "Effects of human choices on characteristics of urban ecosystems." Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, October: 404-409. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B. 2007. "Habitat structure: a fundamental concept and framework for urban soil ecology." Urban Ecosystems 10: 255-274. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

 Kim, K.C., L.B. Byrne. 2006. "Biodiversity loss and the taxonomic bottleneck: Emerging biodiversity science." Ecological Research 21: 794-810. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B. 2005. "Of looks, laws and lawns: How human aesthetic preferences influence landscape management, public policies and urban ecosystems." In D. Laband, ed., Emerging Issues Along Urban-Rural Interfaces: Linking Science and Society, pp. 42-46. Auburn University, Auburn, GA. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Byrne, L.B., M.A. Bruns. 2004. "The effects of lawn management on soil microarthropods." Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology 21: 150-156.  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Bruns, M.A, L.B. Byrne. 2004. "Scale model of a soil aggregate and associated organisms: A teaching tool for soil ecology." Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education 33: 85-91. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

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