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Visual Resources Center


The mission of the Roger Williams University Visual Resources Center (VRC) is to support the curriculum at RWU by preserving and providing access to high quality digital images for classroom instruction and research. The primary goal of the Visual Resources Library is to support the image needs of Roger Williams University faculty and students. The VRC strives to encourage digital scholarship and visual literacy through the development of digital image collections and exhibitions.


A division of the Roger Williams University Library, the Visual Resources Center (VRC) is located in the Architecture Library on the first floor of the School of Architecture, Art & Historic Preservation. The VRC collects digital images and has a 35mm slide collection on site. Managing a collection of over 100,000 digital images, the VRC provides access to high quality digital images for classroom instruction and research through Artstor. While the collection is comprised largely of art history and architecture images, the VRC serves all of Roger Williams University and welcomes image requests from all departments.


The VRC has available equipment for image capture and reproduction. Digital imaging services are offered, which allows faculty to order digital images not available from the VRC’s image collections. Faculty can submit orders to the Visual Resources Staff via email or attach it to the source book, and bring it to the circulation desk in the Architecture Library. The images will be processed in 1 week or less (depending on size of order) and delivered to the faculty member in the format requested. If the image requested is for publication, the VRC is not responsible for obtaining appropriate usage rights for the image and will aid in the digitization only.

In-class instruction sessions, instructing students on how to find, cite and use images in their scholarly work are available. To schedule a session, please contact Instructional Services Librarian, Barbara Kenney.

Imaging Services (available to RWU faculty):

  • Digitization of print material for classroom instruction and publication (Not responsible for obtaining usage rights)
  • Digital conversion of 35mm instructional slides
  • Image research and acquisition
  • Location photography
  • Request images

Research Assistance (available to RWU faculty & students):

  • Access to digital image resources
  • Guide on how to “How to Research Images”
  • Ask a librarian
  • Set up a research consultation

Instruction Services:

  • In-class instruction sessions (Email request to the Instructional Services Librarian, Barbara Kenney)


Download the Digital Image Order Form

Visit the Image Collections

Schedule an in-class instruction session


RWU Image Collection: Sample

339340_Norman Lykes House, Frank Lloyd Wright,1959-1968
339341_Norman Lykes House, Frank Lloyd Wright,1959-1968
339379_Nathan G. Moore House, Frank Lloyd Wright,1895
339397_"Grandma House," Harold Price Sr. House, Frank Lloyd Wright,1954
340353_First Christian Church, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1950-77
340330_Arizona Biltmore Hotel,Frank Lloyd Wright, 1927
340329_Arizona Biltmore Hotel,Frank Lloyd Wright, 1927
343910_Blithewold Mansion, Details of house stonework
343913_Blithewold Mansion, Living room
343928_Blithewold Mansion, Main hall
349225_Blithewold Mansion,View of mansion from front lawn
349202_Blithewold Mansion,Central Atrium
349238_Blithewold Mansion,Japanese Garden
349222_Blithewold Mansion,Well
349226_Blithewold Mansion
343836_Blithewold Mansion,Bamboo grove
343858_Blithewold Mansion
343880_Blithewold Mansion,Detail of garden well
343934_Blithewold Mansion,Dining room
335846_Notre Dame du Haut, Le Corbusier,1950-54
335843_Notre Dame du Haut, Le Corbusier,1950-54
335595_Empire State Building, Shreve, Lamb, and Harmon,1931
335402_Villa Schwob, Le Corbusier,1916
335231_Petersdorff Department Store,Erich Mendelsohn, 1927-28
335221_Einstein Tower,Erich Mendelsohn,1919-24
335219_Einstein Tower,Erich Mendelsohn,1919-24
335847_Notre Dame du Haut, Le Corbusier,1950-54
335848_Notre Dame du Haut, Le Corbusier,1950-54
335856_Monastery of La Tourette, Le Corbusier,1953-59
337040_Centre Le Corbusier (Heidi Weber Museum), Le Corbusier, 1961-65
337048_Centre Le Corbusier (Heidi Weber Museum), Le Corbusier, 1961-65
338960_Hall of Justice, Marin County Civic Center,Frank Lloyd Wright,1957-66