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Staff Directory

Library Information Desk 401-254-3375
Architecture Library 401-254-3679
Administration 401-254-3031
University Archives 401-254-3049

Library Staff Directory

Alix, Anne Learning Commons Desk Monitor 254-3375
Benedict, Heidi University Archivist 254-3049
Dalessio, Madeline Night Circulation Monitor, Architecture Library 254-3679
DeAlmedia, Claudia Architecture Library Circulation Coordinator 254-3679
Deekle, Peter Dean, University Library Services 254-3063
Dupere, Beverly Senior Copy Cataloger 254-3214
Fagan, Christine Collection Management Librarian 254-3029
Flanders, Barbara Copy Cataloger 254-3376
Fobert, John Electronic Resources Librarian 254-3374
Goodall, Hannah Learning Commons Coordinator 254-5766
Grimmitt, Bea Late Night Circulation Supervisor 254-3375
Gumb, Lindsey Instructional Technology Librarian 254-3225
Hanes, Elizabeth Acquisitions Assistant 254-3045
Jannitto, Nancy Learning Commons Administrative Assistant 254-3077
Jones, Cindy Assistant to the Dean of University Library Services 254-3031
Katz, Jacqueline Electronic Resources Associate 254-3462
Kenney, Barbara Instructional Services and Campus initiatives Librarian 254-3559
LaBonte, Jean Learning Commons Desk Monitor 254-3375
Learned, Elizabeth Associate Dean, University Library Services 254-3625
Leocadio, Mary Lou Coordinator of Circulation 254-3316
Lessard, Megan Digital Imaging Technologist 254-3757
McMullen, Susan Research Services and User Engagement Librarian 254-3086
Molvar, Linda Learning Commons Librarian 254-3375
Riccitelli, Adam Circulation Coordinator/Interlibrary Loan 254-3458
Schlinke, John Architecture/Art Librarian 254-3833
Truszkowski, Christopher Web and Digital Services Specialist 254-5548
Waters, Alicia Learning Commons Librarian 254-3375
Wu, Mary Digital Scholarship and Metadata Librarian 254-3053