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GoToTraining | GoToMeeting are web conferencing tools currently supported at RWU for live (synchronous) web classes and meetings. Web conferencing allows participants to:

  • Connect via the Internet from remote locations in a single meeting space
  • Hear each other via computer speakers or headset
  • See each other via web cam (optional)
  • Ask questions via text chat
  • Conduct instant polls
  • View and annotate a PowerPoint presentation
  • Share desktop applications with everyone
  • Record and archive sessions as streaming videos for later review
What's the Difference between GoToTraining and GoToMeeting?

GoToTraining has all the functionality and features of GoToMeeting with the addition of the ability to attach materials such as documents and web links as well as the use of instant polls and tests.

RESOURCES For GoToTraining*
       ALL USERS
*To Request a GoToTraining Assistant

Note that the ID team has a trained student assistant who can provide support at the beginning of a GoToTraining session to get students acclimated to the environment and deal with any technical issues before the start of classes. If you would like to schedule this student to assist your class please send an e-mail request to containing your name, the name of your course, the time and date of your session.