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Please refer to this list of resources as a guide to the technology resources available to you.


Accounts & Systems



Password Login Information


Active Directory Accounts

Active Directory AD) is the system that stores information for all network users, groups, and assets. The Department of Information Technology (IT) has consolidated all systems for faculty to use a single Active Directory account (also referred to as a domain account). Active Directory accounts are created by the Department of Information Technology (IT) and usually contain the first letter of your first name + your last name followed by @academics.rwu or, depending on what domain you are on. An example of a faculty account name for John Doe would be jdoe@academics.rwuIf you need to set up an Active Directory account, please speak to your dean or department chair who will give you the proper network access paperwork to fill out. In addition to allowing you access to networked printers, your Active Directory account also connects you to the Bridges course management system, your RWU e-mail, wireless networks, the myRWU campus portal and file sharing/storage drives at RWU. These drives include:

  • User (U) drive - a private storage space provided for you to store files. This drive is visible under the My Computer icon for Windows users and on the desktop for Mac users as soon as you log in and may be accessed from on campus. Please note that audio, video, *.iso and *.pst files are prohibited from being stored on either the U or I drive. RWU provides streaming services for media files. For more information and access to these services please e-mail or
  • Departmental (S) drive - Each department is given a departmental shared drive that can be used to share files with colleagues in your department. If you would like access to this drive, please speak to your dean or chair. Please note that audio, video, *.iso and *.pst files are prohibited from being stored on either the U or I drive.

Please note that both these drives are available on-campus only.

Active directory passwords expire every 180 days. Users can reset their passwords at any time using the self-service website, emailing or by calling the Media•Tech Desk at 401 254.6363. Note that in order to reset your password you will need your RWU ID.

Please note that RWU has a 180-day retention policy for e-mail. This means that any e-mail that is older than 180 days will be automatically deleted and will not be retrievable. A couple of options to use to avoid loss of important correspondence: access your email through Outlook on your computer and set a rule to send email messages to a saved folder on your local hard drive or use the Bridges Class Mail or Messages to archive copies of student correspondence in the course that will not be deleted.


Bridges (Sakai) Learning Management System

The Bridges LMS powered by Sakai is an open-source course management system that facilitates the creation of sophisticated web-based instructional materials. Bridges provides the academic community with a single environment to manage courses, build e-portfolios for teaching, learning and assessment, while supporting collaboration with colleagues on research, projects, and various other university activities. Bridges is fully integrated with e-portfolios and facilitates the work of both faculty and students through a consistent tool-set for instruction, research, collaboration, projects, advising, assessment, and committee work. You can access Bridges from the Quick Link on the RWU Faculty & Staff website or by going directly to As of  Fall 2015, RWU is running Sakai 10.4.

All RWU courses have a site automatically created on Bridges each semester with rosters and instructors updated nightly from the Datatel administrative system. Faculty and Students can also create a project sites at any time.

To log into Bridges, use your RWU Active Directory username (e.g. jsmith) and password. Resources for using Bridges are available from: the Tutorials link on this site; on the main Bridges gateway page; within each course using the help icons and link;  and by clicking on the My Sites tab in Bridges and selecting Faculty Resources. TOP

myRWU Campus Portal

The myRWU Campus Portal  provides web-based self service for faculty integrated with the Datatel administrative software system. The Department of Human Resources staff creates the permissions for these accounts during the initial hiring phase for RWU faculty and staff and IT establishes your Active Directory account to access the portal.

The myRWU Campus Portal can be accessed through any web browser on any Internet-connected computer at the address: using your RWU Webmail login credentials (username@academics.rwu or username The portal will allow you to check class rosters, course schedules, advisee information (including transcripts and student schedules), update your emergency contact information, complete online midterm and final grading, and check your biweekly pay report. Additional links to other campus services, news and announcements will also be included.

 For help on these features please see the Department of Information Technology website.


ADP Timekeeping System

RWU has instituted an electronic timekeeping system using ADP eTime to allow faculty to track their vacation and sick time. For more information on using this system please click here.


Faculty ID/Unicards

Faculty may obtain a photo ID card in Lower Commons once they have been added to the Datatel system. Faculty may use this card to access the library, transfer money to this card to use in the Dining Commons and provide keycard access to specific campus locations.


Wireless Network Access

Please contact the MediaTech Desk at 401 254.6363 or email For more information on RWU wireless networks, including a wireless network setup guide,  please see the IT website.


MediaTech Desk

The Media•Tech Desk provides hardware and infratructure technology support for faculty and staff. MediaTech Desk staff are available during Library Hours at 401 254.6363 or email

For help with all instructional technologies including the Bridges, Panopto, GoToMeeting/GoToTraining and Turnitin please call the Instructional Design team at x3187 from on campus or (401) 254.3187 from off campus. Faculty may also email for assistance.


Instructional Design Education & Application (IDEA) Space

The Instructional Design Education & Application Space (IDEA) is an on-campus learning space for faculty that houses a Windows PC and HP Color Printer. Faculty are welcome to use this Space at any time to produce content for their courses. Help is also available by contacting a member of the Department of Instructional Design Team. These team members are Linda Beith (x3134), Shawn Platt (x3001), and Kevin O'Rourke (x3637). The IDEA Space is located in the University Library.  If you wish to use the IDEA Space, please contact one us in ID and we can put you in the calendar!


Classroom Support

Classroom support for multimedia technology is provided by Classroom and Event Support. If you are having difficulty with the equipment in a classroom please call ext. 6363 on-campus or (401) 254.6363 from off-campus. If you would like to request special equipment for a class, please e-mail or fill out the IT Classroom and Event Support online request form at least 2 business days before the equipment is needed.


Microsoft Campus Agreement

RWU has a Microsoft Campus Agreement that allows faculty and staff to purchase specific Microsoft products including the current Microsoft Office suite for Mac and Windows, Windows 7 and 8 Upgrade, Project, and Visio at significantly discounted rates. If you would like to purchase any of these products you may do so from the OnTheHub website. Note that you will need to log in with your RWU username (for example: jsmith) and your e-mail/Bridges password. If you are a faculty member choose the Academics.RWU domain. Staff would select the RWU.EDU domain.

Note that once you have logged in, you will also be asked to create a Microsoft account in order to download and install the software you purchase. To get help with this account or with your software download call:

866-435-4722  or 888-396-1447  for assistance.


Online Documentation for Instructional Technologies

Please refer to the Tutorials link on this site for a list of our current tutorials and how-to guides in both text and narrated video formats.


University Library Access

Faculty must activate their library card in order to access library resources. Faculty may bring in their RWU ID card to the main University Library to have it activated or fill out the electronic form to accomplish this without a campus visit.

Feel free to distribute this library video to your students as a helpful introduction to library services.