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Each year the Department of Instructional Design celebrates RWU faculty expertise in teaching with an Innovations in Teaching Showcase event held during Spring semester. Initially this event was held on one day as a series of presentations over a two-hour span however many faculty found it challenging to attend due to their schedules. In 2012 we decided to change the format  and invite all faculty and interested staff to a series of lunch-and-learn presentations in the Upper Commons Private Dining Room. Each session has a theme and brief presentation(s) by an RWU faculty member(s) followed by an opportunity for sharing ideas, perspectives, strategies, etc.

Innovations in Teaching Series 2014

Innovations in Teaching 2014 Brochure
Innovations in Teaching 2014 was offered three sessions this spring.

Session 1 - Using Qualtrics for Research:  You, Your Students, and Your Classes by Kathleen Micken, D.B.A., Professor of Marketing, Gabelli School of Business
February 20, 2014   11-11:50 AM
Session Description: Now that RWU has a site license for the Qualtrics online survey software, do you wish you knew more about how to use it? This presentation will provide an introduction to Qualtrics, plus information about some of its advanced features that make survey research a little easier. The discussion uses classroom Community Partnerships Center projects as examples to illustrate the many ways that Qualtrics can facilitate different kinds of research studies.

>>>  Qualtrics PowerPoint Presentation by Kathy Micken  <<<

Session 2 - Think-Pair-Share & Clickers in the Classroom by Adria Updike, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics, School of Engineering
March 5, 2014  2-2:50 PM
Session Description: Think-Pair-Share is a cooperative learning strategy that provides some time and structure for students to think about a topic, concept  or problem individually, then share their thoughts with a peer. Including clickers with this technique allows for a broader formative assessment of student learning. This is an easy and engaging strategy that can fit into any classroom.

>>>  Think-Pair-Share & Clickers in the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation by Adria Updike  <<<

Session 3 - Writing Fellows Pilot Program by Margaret Case, Ph.D., CAS  Associate Professor of English;  Matthew Ulricksen, M.A., Adjunct Professor, CAS Political Science; and Karen Bilotti, M.A., Associate Director for Tutorial Support Services & Coordinator of the Writing Center
April 16, 2014  11-11:50 AM
Session Description:   One English course and one Political Science course partnered with the Writing Center for the 2013-14 academic year to pilot embedded Writing Fellows for students. Each Writing Fellow worked with 3 or 4 assigned students for the duration of the semester, fostering relationships through written and face-to-face exchanges during the revision process. The presenters will describe this collaborative effort and report on its effectiveness so far in improving student writing along with plans for expansion.

>>> Writing Fellows Pilot Program PowerPoint Presentation by Karen Bilotti, Meg Case, and Mat Ulrickson <<<

Innovations in Teaching Series 2013

The Innovations in Teaching 2013 Showcase included three sessions, one held each month beginning in February.
Innovations in Teaching 2013 brochure

Session 1 - Applying Inquiry-Based Learning by Jennifer Pearce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in CAS Department of Chemistry and Physics
February 21, 2013

Session 2 - Using iPads in the Classroom by Kelly Donnell, Associate Professor; Madge Thombs, Professor and Li-Ling Yang, Assistant Professor. School of Education.  March 22, 2013

Session 3 - Flipping Lessons in a College Course by Loren Byrne, Assistant Professor and Kerri Warren, Associate Professor. Department of Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Science.

Innovations in Teaching Series 2012

Innovations in Teaching 2012 Brochure

Organizing and Delivering an Online Course by Nancy Craven, Writing, Rhetoric & Composition; and Amiee Shelton, Ph.D., Communication. February 24, 2012

Clogs, Blogs and Forums: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration by Michael Swanson, Ph.D., American Studies; and Fred Gould, PE., C.P.C., Construction Management. March 9, 2012

Fostering Student Reflections using Portfolios by Cliff Timpson, Ph.D., Chemistry; and Kelly Donnell, Ph.D., School of Education.  March 23, 2012

Student Engagement, Interaction and Feedback by Kathryn Thompson, J.D., Law School; Chris Menton, Ed.D., Criminal Justice; Nancy Breen, Ph.D., Chemistry and Brett McKenzie, Ed.D., Business. April 5, 2012

Using Prezi to Promote Reflective Practice by Jim Beitler, Ph.D., Writing, Rhetoric & Composition.  April 20, 2012

Innovations in Teaching Showcase 2011

Innovations in Teaching 2011 Brochure
Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

This event featured three faculty members drawn from across all departments who graciously shared with colleagues a strategy or technology and using ePortfolios. See agenda and session descriptions.

From Vision to Reality by Gregory Laramie and David Corbin, School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation.

Mixing Elements of E-Portfolios with Upper-Level Chemistry Students: An "Alchemist's Dream" or "No Reaction"? (ppt) by Cliff Timpson, Ph.D., Chemistry.

A Dynamic e-Duo: Creating Complementary Electronic Portfolios to Enhance Student Learning (ppt) by Jim Beitler, Ph.D., Writing, Rhetoric and Composition.

Innovations in Teaching Showcase 2009

Innovations in Teaching 2009 Brochure
Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

This event featured seven faculty drawn from across all departments who graciously shared with colleagues a strategy or technology that has enhanced the teaching and/or learning in their classes.

Take a Byte Out of Greek (video) by Tony Hollingsworth, Ph.D. Foreign Languages

Digital Manufacturing Integration with Architectural Design (video) by Andrew Thurlow, M.Arch.

Using Blackboard to Manage Undergraduate and Graduate Courses (video) by Michael Hall, Ph.D., Public Administration

Are They Getting This?  (video) by Matthew Stein, Ph.D., Engineering.

Just Click:  Assess and Engage (video) by Madge Thombs, Ph.D.

Simple Screen Casting (video) by W. Brett McKenzie, Ed.D., Business

Video as a Field R&D Tool: A User's Guide (video) by Michael Scully, M.A.,