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    Technology in the Library

    The libraries have over a hundred PC and MAC computers available. If you need assistance printing, scanning, faxing or connecting to the wireless while working in the Library, please stop by the Information Desk.

    Additionally, 24 computers are located in the Library Instruction Lab. If this room is not being used for classroom instruction, you are welcome to use these machines.

    Saving your work in the Library

    It is important to save your work while you are at the Library. In the event of an electrical surge, or an unexpected powering down of your workstation you want to make sure you have recently saved your work.

    Where to save your work:

    • Your USB storage device

    For temporary storage needs you can utilize the following shared spaces:

    • S: Shared space between all Learning Commons computers
    • T: Thawspace

    When you are accessing a document from your e-mail always remember to open the attachment and save to one of the above option or you will lose your work!


    Printing in the Library

    At the computer you are working on:

    • Click “Print” on the computer you are working on. Wait until you are asked for a username and password.
    • Enter your myRWU Credentials:
    • Login: rwu email WITHOUT “”
      • EXAMPLE: jsmith234
    • Password: default password for rwu email+ RWU
      • EXAMPLE: js5678RWU

    Then, at the Print Release Stations:

    • Enter your myRWU Credentials at the Print Release Station to log in
    • Select the job(s) you wish to print
    • Click “Print” in the upper left corner
    •  The Account Identification box will display
    • Swipe your Unicard in the card reader on top of the monitor
    • The P Counter Station box will display the Total Cost required and the Available Credit on CBORD account.
    • Click “Print” to release job.
    • The Print Release Station will return to the login screen after you press print. This is normal and means your job is printing

    Helpful Hints:

    • The default for all printers is DUPLEX. Pages printed individually will NOT duplex.
    • NEED HELP? Ask us at the Service Desk to the left of the stairs.

    PDF for Printing in the Learning Commons

    Print Sustainability Policy

    Printing from your Laptop and Personal Devices in the Library


    Fax Services in the Library

    While the library does not have a public Fax machine, you can easily scan and fax your documents using Fax Zero.

    Faxzero ( is free internet faxing. Customers can send faxes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

    • You can fax 3 pages for free up to 5 times per day using faxzero.
    • Open your email and in two separate tabs.
    • Fill out the Sender and the Receiver Information on the page.  
    • Attach the item(s) to be faxed using the Browse box.
      • You can scan the item and save it to a USB drive or access the item via your e-mail.  Item must be named and saved out of your e-mail prior to using faxzero.
    • Type in the confirmation code and click “Send Free Fax Now”.
      • Read the instructions that display on the screen.
    • Open up your email to finish sending your fax.  Follow the instructions provided in the e-mail.
    • You will receive an email confirmation when it has been sent.